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First impressions are important. I want Buyers to love your property when they step through the threshold so that you can get a great price at closing. I will offers suggestions as you prepare to list and arrange beautiful professional photos, including aerial if appropriate, video, and marketing materials to make a lasting impression. We want them to love it at “hello”.

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“I could not have made it through this process without Kristine in my corner and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is eager to purchase or sell a home.”

– westbrook client

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I will prepare a market analysis and review comparable properties with you to determine the best price for your property. We discuss timelines, important details, and any questions that you have. At this time we will sign a representation agreement. 


You will prepare your property for the market with my guidance if needed. Once ready, I will arrange photos, video, and any other marketing materials that time permits. We will plan for showings, an open house, and offers. I will review any recent comps to make sure the list price is where it should be.

Going "live" and offer(s)

I list your property on the Maine MLS and allow showings within 24 hours. If we have set an offer deadline, we allow the showings to occur and then review any that have been submitted in detail. Ideally you will receive at least one fantastic offer to sign!

Under Contract

You sign the offer and are "under contract" with a Buyer. At this time the building inspection, appraisal, and any negotiations will occur if applicable. Buyer's title company will complete a title search and the lender finalizes the loan process. 


If all goes smoothly and the property appraises we prepare to close. The parties meet at the title office (or agreed to location), exchange keys (don't forget garage door openers!), and you receive your proceeds from the sale by check or wire. DONE!

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5 Ways To De-Clutter Faster When Selling in Happyville

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Are you ready to sell your property?

Even though it may be a strong Seller’s market, I always suggest that Sellers come up with a preparation budget and do everything they can to help their home look its best. Sometimes just a few small details will make a big impact and help you get a higher price. At minimum, clean, declutter, and depersonalize so that Buyers can envision themselves in the space. 

The ultimate goal of listing your property is to encourage Buyers to love it when they walk through the door. Part of this is to not distract with too many of your own personal items throughout so that he/she/they can envision him/her/themselves in the space and not the current owner. A photo here and there is ok, but generally I would suggest to remove (or replace) a majority of personal photos, art, and items. Neutralizing and decluttering the spaces is always a great idea. 

You will not pay for any fees related to the sale until your property closes. At that time, Seller is responsible for the deed preparation fee, 50% of the State of Maine transfer tax, and any payoffs required by lien holders, such as a first or second mortgage.

Broker commissions are paid when the Buyer purchases the property on closing day. This amount is deducted from Seller’s proceeds and distributed by the title company at closing.

The spring market is a busy time to list your property and Buyers come out in full force at this time. Southern Maine has been experiencing an inventory shortage for several years and due to this fact, it can be advantageous to list in other seasons also. Speaking with a broker who understands the local market is key. Call me to chat!

If you have plans to sell your property and work from home, I can work with your schedule to find a time for showings that works best for you. You do not have to make your home available 24/7 to obtain good Buyer traffic. 

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