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If you are planning a move to Maine and feeling anxious because you can’t jump on a plane for showings and inspections, let me help. I will arrange a video viewing, take pictures, and even do a mini-neighborhood tour with you to ease your mind. If you find a property and go under contract, I will be available to attend any meetings that you can’t.

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“We couldn’t have wished for a more amazing realtor, and our only hope is that she’s around to help us in our next home purchase in the future..”

– buyer client

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8 Things Need to Qualify When Renting in Happyville

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Let me help with your move from afar.

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how do i buy a property without being there in person?

No. While it is preferable for you to see the property in person, sometimes this isn’t possible. There is no requirement for you to see it in person. We can do everything electronically and you can sign your offer via Docusign.

Yes. If you can be present for the property showing, that is excellent. Building inspections are also important but inspectors provide a detailed inspection report. I can be there to take notes during the inspection to fill in the gaps. 

This is possible but can be difficult depending on the country and access to a notary. The closing documents cannot be completed electronically (yet). If you are going to be out of the country and know exactly where you will be, we will work with the title company beforehand to figure out your process. An alternative is to assign someone as a Power of Attorney to sign at the closing for you.

It will likely be possible to move the closing date. In order to do this, both parties must be in agreement. The good news is that Sellers are real people too and usually will accommodate something unexpected like a flight delay.

This really depends on your budget, timeline, and needs. It is important to think about how long you are willing to take to feel “settled”. Since 2020, there have been long delays in ordering new home furnishings. It may be worth pricing out how much to move your larger pieces, moving with the bare minimum, and filling in the gaps as you go. Of course this all depends on your family, and what you can and cannot live without!

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