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I will guide you through this process from start to finish. We will meet and chat about your ideal property, estimated budget, needs/wants, and anything that is important to you in your property search. Next, I can direct you to few lenders that could be a good fit for your financial situation. Once you are through the pre-approval process and have a good handle on your budget, we can focus on your availability to look at properties and get into newly listed properties quickly.

Kind words from a client…

“She worked tirelessly to find us a house that fit our wants and needs, always communicating quickly and kindly. Whenever we were with her, we had her complete focus and attention, and she always helped us through our numerous questions about our first home purchase. .”

– hollis buyer

how it works...


Initial meeting & financing

We meet to discuss the process and answer your initial questions. If we are a good fit, we will sign a representation agreement. Next, you will choose a lender or figure out how your cash will be distributed for your purchase.  

The search

Once you are pre-qualified, I will set up a property search so that you are notified when new properties hit the market. Explore towns and neighborhoods so that you have knowledge of where properties are located and what is nearby. It is often best to schedule a showing as soon as possible. Preparation is key! 

The offer

A potential property hits the market and we schedule a showing. You love it and we draft a competitive offer by the Seller's deadline. It is normal to have a 24-hour wait before receiving a response. In a strong Seller's market, we don't always have the opportunity to negotiate during the offer phase. Your "highest and best" offer is frequently the best course. 

under contract

The seller accepts your offer and you rejoice! Next, we will arrange a building inspection if your offer was contingent on one. I have several experienced inspectors to recommend and will assist you with scheduling. We will have a "due diligence" deadline to complete negotiations with the Seller. 

Appraisal and closing

If you choose to move forward with the contract after inspections, we wait for the appraisal report if you will have a loan. This normally is completed 2 to 4 weeks after going under contract. If the property appraises at or above the purchase price, we move forward to closing and work with the title company to prepare closing documents. Financing will also wrap up it's process. You close, get the keys, and CELEBRATE!

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How I work…

What makes working with me different?

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Buying Real Estate in Southern Maine?

Start with me. I have wonderful local lenders to recommend who are experienced and understand the local market. I cannot overstate how essential it is to have a credible lender working on your loan.

Maine does not require you to hire an attorney to be involved in your property purchase. You will need a title company to conduct a title search to ensure clear title for closing and to prepare the closing documents. Most title companies have at least one attorney on staff.

The title company checks public records to make sure there are no outstanding liens, debts, or encumbrances on the property and that ownership can be legally transferred to ensure “clear title” before closing. This is a Buyer expense and included in closing costs. Owner’s title insurance is a one-time optional purchase and protects the homeowner should a title issue arise after the closing date.

It is a myth that 20% down is required to purchase a home. There are loan products out there for every Buyer depending on income, credit score, and eligibility. There are 3%, 5%, and 10% down options for first-time home buyers. The popular VA loan requires $0 down for veterans and is not restricted to first-time purchases.

Most lenders will need 30 days to complete financing from the date the contract is signed to the closing date. A majority of this time is waiting for the appraisal report to be submitted. If there is no appraisal, the lender can usually close in less time. If the deal is a cash purchase, there is no appraisal and the closing is limited only to the time the title company requires to conduct a title search and prepare closing documents.

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